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Struggling to find Panda Express menu prices? That really must be why you’re on this page, so lets get rolling. Here is a detailed set of the entire Panda Express prices for their regular menu options.

If you are looking for something unique, then you need to have a look at our other menu called Panda Express Secret Menu. There’s a bunch of secret menu items (complete with prices) recorded on those documents you won’t ever see listed anywhere at the Panda Express restaurant.

Create Your Plate
Any 1 Side & 3 Entrees$8,14
Any 1 Side & 2 Entrees$6,65
Any 1 Side and 1 Entree$5,65
Panda Express Kid's Meal Prices
Any 1 Jr. Side, 1 Jr. Entree, 12 oz. Drink and Cookie$4,85
Family Feast
2 Large Sides and 3 Large Entrees$30,06
Panda Express A La Carte {Prices
Any SideSingle$2,56
Any SideLarge$3,56
Any EntreeSingle$3,56
Any EntreeLarge$9,56
Sweet & Sour Chicken$1,55
Cream Cheese Rangoons3 Pc.$1,55
Veggie Spring Rolls2 Pc.$1,55
Chicken Egg Roll1 Pc.$1,55
Panda Express Drinks
Fountain DrinkSmall$1,65
Juices & Specialty$1,95
Bottled Water$1,85
Fountain DrinkMedium$1,85
Fountain DrinkLarge$2,05

Panda Express was founded in ’83 in Pasadena Ca through Andrew Cherng, Peggy Cherng, plus Ming Tsai Cherng. They’ve attempted to create Panda Express costs competitive with rest from the quick meals business.

Panda Express will be the biggest quick meals restaurant chain specializing in Chinese meals in United states of america. The restaraunt employs more than 19,000 individuals which shows its huge development within the quick meals business. It’s the biggest American Chinese restaurant chain within the United states of america.

Panda Express has about 1,700 restaurants situated in 47 states within the USA. The chain provides chinese inspired dishes like Orange/Grilled Teriyaki Chicken, Beijing Beef,  Firecracker Chicken Breast & Kung Pao Chicken. Combo meals are served with either fried rice, steamed brown rice, chow mein simly with combined fresh vegetables.

The Panda Express opening hours truly rely on the place. As numerous Pand Express Restaurants are situated in malls and buying complexes, the opening hours are determined from the opening hours from the complicated.

Usually, the opening hours have a tendency to be from ten.30 AM – ten.30PM, but you truly have to verify your nearby restaurant.

Not just are Panda Express costs extremely affordable, but numerous menu products happen to be particularly produced to become low-cal and wholesome. Additionally, the franchise provides “regional entrees” in maintaining using the company’s commitment to cultural diversity. Panda Express menu costs and products are usually listed by category (chicken, seafood, meat, sides, and so on). Within the shop, patrons can select ready dishes, combos, or produce their very own dishes. And, in the event you have an occasion inside your future, attempt Panda catering. Panda Express catering costs are customer friendly and versatile, with choices that consist of trays or ordering off the menu. Not a poor deal. Customer friendly, community-centric and health-conscious: That is Panda Express.


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