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Trying to get Starbucks menu prices? That must be why you’re on this site, so lets get started. Below is a complete list of all the Starbucks costs for their normal menu alternatives.

If you are searching for something a little different, then you should take a peek at our other menu called Starbucks Secret Menu. You will find there’s great deal of secret menu items (complete with prices) mentioned on those posts that you won’t see listed anywhere at the Starbucks restaurant.

Espresso, Coffee & Tea
Caffe LatteTall$2.85
Caffe LatteGrande$3.45
Caffe LatteVenti$3.95
Caffe MochaTall$3.35
Caffe MochaGrande$3.95
Caffe MochaVenti$4.45
Chai Tea LatteTall$3.25
Chai Tea LatteGrande$3.95
Chai Tea LatteVenti$4.25
White Chocolate MochaTall$3.65
White Chocolate MochaGrande$4.25
White Chocolate MochaVenti$4.65
Freshly Brewed CoffeeTall$1.75
Freshly Brewed CoffeeGrande$2.10
Freshly Brewed CoffeeVenti$2.35
Cinnamon Dolce LatteTall$3.65
Cinnamon Dolce LatteGrande$4.25
Cinnamon Dolce LatteVenti$4.65
Skinny Vanilla LatteTall$3.35
Skinny Vanilla LatteGrande$3.95
Skinny Vanilla LatteVenti$4.45
Caramel MacchiatoTall$3.65
Caramel MacchiatoGrande$4.25
Caramel MacchiatoVenti$4.65
Caramel Flan LatteTall$3.75
Caramel Flan LatteGrande$4.55
Caramel Flan LatteVenti$4.75
Teavana® Oprah Chai Tea LatteTall$3.45
Teavana® Oprah Chai Tea LatteGrande$4.25
Teavana® Oprah Chai Tea LatteVenti$4.65
Caramel Brulée Latte (Limited Time)Tall$3.95
Caramel Brulée Latte (Limited Time)Grande$4.65
Caramel Brulée Latte (Limited Time)Venti$4.95
Chestnut Praline Latte (Limited Time)Tall$3.95
Chestnut Praline Latte (Limited Time)Grande$4.65
Chestnut Praline Latte (Limited Time)Venti$4.95
Peppermint Mocha (Limited Time)Tall$3.95
Peppermint Mocha (Limited Time)Grande$4.65
Peppermint Mocha (Limited Time)Venti$4.95
Frappuccino, Refreshers & Iced Coffee
Iced Coffee (with or without Milk)Tall$2.25
Iced Coffee (with or without Milk)Grande$2.65
Iced Coffee (with or without Milk)Venti$2.95
Iced Coffee (with or without Milk)Trenta$3.45
Mocha FrappuccinoTall$3.75
Mocha FrappuccinoGrande$4.45
Mocha FrappuccinoVenti$4.95
Strawberries & CremeTall$3.75
Strawberries & CremeGrande$4.45
Strawberries & CremeVenti$4.95
Coffee FrappuccinoTall$2.95
Coffee FrappuccinoGrande$3.75
Coffee FrappuccinoVenti$4.45
Iced Caramel MacchiatoTall$3.65
Iced Caramel MacchiatoGrande$4.25
Iced Caramel MacchiatoVenti$4.75
Cool Lime or Very BerryTall$2.75
Cool Lime or Very BerryGrande$3.25
Cool Lime or Very BerryVenti$3.75
Cool Lime or Very BerryTrenta$4.25
Caramel FrappuccinoTall$3.75
Caramel FrappuccinoGrande$4.45
Caramel FrappuccinoVenti$4.95
Teavana® Shaken Iced TeaTall$1.75
Teavana® Shaken Iced TeaGrande$2.25
Teavana® Shaken Iced TeaVenti$2.65
Teavana® Shaken Iced TeaTrenta$2.95
Teavana® Shaken Iced Peach Green Tea LemonadeTall$2.75
Teavana® Shaken Iced Peach Green Tea LemonadeGrande$3.25
Teavana® Shaken Iced Peach Green Tea LemonadeVenti$3.75
Teavana® Shaken Iced Peach Green Tea LemonadeTrenta$4.25
Teavana® Shaken Iced Black Tea LemonadeTall$2.45
Teavana® Shaken Iced Black Tea LemonadeGrande$2.95
Teavana® Shaken Iced Black Tea LemonadeVenti$3.45
Teavana® Shaken Iced Black Tea LemonadeTrenta$3.95
Evolution FreshGrande$5.95
Vanilla Bean Crème FrappuccinoTall$3.25
Vanilla Bean Crème FrappuccinoGrande$3.95
Vanilla Bean Crème FrappuccinoVenti$4.45
Caramel Brulée Frappuccino (Limited Time)Tall$4.25
Caramel Brulée Frappuccino (Limited Time)Grande$4.75
Caramel Brulée Frappuccino (Limited Time)Venti$5.25
Chestnut Praline Frappuccino (Limited Time)Tall$4.25
Chestnut Praline Frappuccino (Limited Time)Grande$4.75
Chestnut Praline Frappuccino (Limited Time)Venti$5.25
Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino (Limited Time)Tall$4.25
Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino (Limited Time)Grande$4.75
Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino (Limited Time)Venti$5.25
Ham & Cheese Savory Square$3.45
Wheat Spinach Savory Square$3.45
Cheese Danish$2.45
Beef Sausage Croissant (Limited Time)$3.75
Butter Croissant$2.25
Chocolate Croissant$2.45
Blueberry Scone$2.45
Banana Walnut Bread$2.45
Iced Lemon Pound Cake$2.45
Morning Bun$2.45
Chocolate Chip Cookie$1.95
Double Chocolate Chunk Brownie$2.25
Almond Croissant Blossom$3.25
Gingerbread Loaf$2.45
Cranberry Bliss® Bar$2.45
Frosted Snowman Cookie$2.25
All-Day Breakfast
Hearty Blueberry Oatmeal$3.45
Bacon & Gouda Breakfast Sandwich$3.45
Sausage & Cheddar Breakfast Sandwich$3.25
Spinach & Feta Breakfast Wrap$3.45
Reduced-Fat Turkey Bacon Breakfast Sandwich$3.45
Egg & Cheese on Toast$2.95
Slow-Roasted Ham & Swiss on Croissant Bun$4.45
Vegetable & Fontiago Breakfast Sandwich$4.45
Lunch & Anytime Snacks
Holiday Turkey & Staffing Panini (Limited Time)$6.25
Protein Bistro Box$4.95
Turkey Rustico Panini$5.95
Turkey Pesto Panini$5.95
Ham & Swiss Panini$5.65
Chicken Santa Fe Panini$5.65
Chicken BLT Salad Deli Sandwich$5.95
Roasted Tomato & Mozzarella Panini$5.45
Old-Fashioned Grilled Cheese$5.25
Salted Caramel or Birthday Cake Pop$1.75
Salted Caramel or Birthday Cake Pop2 Pc.$2.95

Began in 1971 with one outlet in Seattle, Washington, Starbucks has turn out to be synonymous with “coffee” all through the globe. Now, with more than 21,000 outlets in 65 various nations, Starbuck’s menu and costs have produced superb coffee accessible to everybody. No require to settle for weak, boring coffee when the Starbucks menu provides fantastic coffees (and teas) from each corner from the globe. Starbuck’s costs are kept as low as you possibly can, and also the goods severed in their shops are harvested with an eye towards sustainability and social duty. Serving not just coffee and tea, but additionally thrilling handcrafted drinks and nutritious munchies, Starbuck’s menu costs, yummy pastries and artistic “treats” reflect their commitment to high quality and service. Their objective would be to produce a rewarding coffeehouse encounter and produce a sense of neighborhood.

The Starbucks complete menu is much more influential than ever, broadening to sell muffins, sandwiches, paninis, breakfast, and much more. Adding towards the list of menu products that are not coffee are Starbucks’ various variations of hot chocolate and tea, providing the menu a increase above its already-impressive achievement. Obviously, the signature item sold at Starbucks is their coffee, and it’s regularly decadent. The flavor by no means fails (at a decent cost, as well), and for that purpose, their coffee empire is now the greatest on the planet. Verify out all their complete menu has to provide beneath!

Starbucks has an very diverse list of choices on their menu, but even amongst their vast ranks of drinks. A few of the standout favorites would be the Passion Tea Lemonade or the Iced Caramel Macchiato. Due to social media, the Starbucks Secret Menu has lately accomplished some recognition, so drinks just like the Captain Crunch Frappuccino as well as Nutella Frappuccino are rising. Other favorites consist of the Vanilla Bean Frap and also the Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino.

Please note that Starbucks costs differ fairly a great deal from place to place. A Manhattan place is generally much more costly than a Mid-Western little town place, and so on, because of greater rent, labor expenses and much more.

The costs beneath are common Starbucks costs and ought to be utilized as a guide only.

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